Stu Scott has been working in glass since the early 1970’s. In 2012, after the last of his three retirements, he needed a new challenge. What you see today is the end result of his year of experimentation and evolution. They are unique objects of beauty, three dimensional glass flowers and flower petal shaded lamps.

Stu’s desire was to make functional art that can be passed from generation to generation…a family heirloom. The flowers are delicate in appearance but not fragile for normal handling. When dusting is needed, just rinse the flower off and air dry.

Each flower petal is individually cut from special high temperature resistance glass. The petals are kiln-fired and fire polished in a fourteen hour process, then individually applied to a series of acrylic disks that create the tiers of flower petals. The flower’s beauty is enhanced by the glow of a lit candle or bulb that brings warmth and life to each petal, like the sun backlighting a stained glass window.

The candleholders and lamps are all custom-made based on the customer’s choices. When choosing a candleholder, the designs available are open lily, lotus, and open lotus. When choosing a lamp, the types of lamp available are desk lamp, sconce, and table lamp. There are many choices of colors and color combinations. A sampling of colors has been provided online to help you decide.

New to Stu’s product line are the beautiful glass fish. The fish panels on clear bases are one-of-a kind originals of fused and slumped glass. Customers can select the jumping trout, swimming trout, or swimming koi. The framed koi is in a 3-dimensional frame setting, making the fish appear suspended above the bottom and below the surface of the water.